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Dav Mar, 2006

Dav Mar was born in Dallas, TX in 1946 (as David Kent Martin, name truncated to Dav Mar in 1968). Attended public school in Arlington, TX until the age of fourteen. Family moved to Palo Alto, CA in 1959. Graduated in 1964 from Palo Alto Senior High School. Attended Shimer College, Mt. Carroll, IL for two years before dropping out due to limited family financial circumstances. Began working full time to achieve financial security. Eventually ended up working in high tech industry in Silicon Valley as an electromechanical technician and modelmaker, utilizing machine tools, sheet metal and welding equipment. Spent period from 1980 to 2000 as a Product Designer (designing analytical instruments and computers primarily) for a number of corporations. Received two U.S. Patents for technical inventions. Continued education in night school over the intervening years with total credits equivalent to Bachelor's degree (but never received a degree).

Started creating art in high school years and continued sporadically until present day as circumstances and inspiration dictated. Retired from product design work in 2000 to devote full time to artistic and personal interests.

Artistic aspirations have been significantly influenced by family background as well as, in some cases, technical craft skills learned during career.

Father, Max A. Martin, was a very skilled craftsman in construction, cabinet work and electro-technical work. He spent his working career as an electronic and instrumentation technician for a number of aerospace companies, retiring from his final employ of fifteen years with Lockheed Missles and Space Division in Sunnyvale, CA. Crafted a number of wood turned pieces as well as fine furniture, none of which have survived to the present day.

Mother, Robin Berry (Martin), worked as executive secretary during the 1950's. After several years as an Architecture major at Arlington State College (now University of Texas, Arlington) began to work as a color consultant and architectural and landscape designer. In later years worked as an interior designer/salesperson for remodeling contractors. In the years prior to retirement purchased and remodeled a number of residences in Scotts Valley, Aptos and San Francisco, CA on speculation for resale. See Artistic Roots section for further details regarding artistic accomplishments of Robin Berry.

Other Interests:

Photography - see Photo Galleries

Music - Have a computer based MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) music studio with electronic keyboards, synthesizer modules, sampler and associated studio equipment. Amateur keyboard player. Have a large archive (5,000+) of 78 r.p.m. records collected by my father, Max Martin as well as around 600 LP's and approximately 900 CD's. Have capability to digitize and restore (as far as possible) these old source recordings and burn them to CD. Currently have completed one CD (Max A. Martin Archives, Vol. I) of restored 78 recordings.

Click on thumbnail to see larger picture of Synoptic Designs MIDI Studio. Design & construction of racks and stand by Dav Mar.

Architecture/Interior Design - Extensively remodeled the small frame bungalow I owned until 2001 in Sunnyvale, CA. (see below)

Detail of fireplace enclosure, shelving, mantel, hearth and tile entry of former Sunnyvale residence. Design & construction by Dav Mar.

View of living room north wall of former Sunnyvale residence showing art and sculpture. Click on thumbnails to see larger pictures.

Currently I live in Farmington, NM and am extensively adding to and remodeling a contemporary southwestern style residence purchased in 2001. See the Casa Vista Project page for more information.

My longer term goal is to build a residence and studio using earthsheltered concepts and pumicecrete and ferrocement construction techniques on a 75 acre property with extensive sandstone cliffs purchased in 2001 . The property is located northwest of Aztec, NM, just a few miles south of the Colorado border. Essentially, I would like to build a cliff dwelling for the 21st century. See Links  section for more information on this type of construction.

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