All images, photographic source material and digital source material, created by Dav Mar, on this web site are copyright 2000-to present.

Software/Hardware used by the artist:

CoCreate OneSpace Designer- 3D solid modeling software used to design sculpture.

Photoshop CS2 - the standard for digital manipulation of images.

Ultimate Paint - fantastic filters and generators for creating digital graphics, shareware -

Dreamweaver - used to create this web site.

BatchThumbs - freeware program used to create the thumbnail images on this site.

Nikon D50 SLR Digital Camera - used for digital photography. /

Epson Perfection 3200 Photo - scanner used to capture some images.

Vendors used by the artist:

Metal Supermarkets Ltd., Santa Clara, CA - source for Cor-Ten sheet metal used in Modular Sculpture.

Master Metal Products Co., San Jose, CA - performed basic fabrication (shearing, punching, cutting, forming and welding) of Modular Sculpture modules.

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