Assemblies created by the artist using crafted or found objects.

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"South Fork Road" 1970

Antique redwood salvaged from barn of Sunset Dairy, Santa Cruz, CA. Forest Service sign salvaged from ravine in Sierra Nevada by Max Martin. Mounted in stained fir frame by artist. 91" X 82"

"South Fork Road" Installation  

"Connecting Rod" 1970

Mechanism salvaged from farm ruins in Santa Cruz Mtns., vicinity of Swanton, CA. Probably used to power reciprocating saw from one cylinder gas engine. Polychrome by artist. 48"

"Hosannah" 1964

Found driftwood pieces. Unmodified except as required for mounting. 18"

"Reach" 1964

Found driftwood piece mounted on stained fir base. 12"

"Granite Ellipse" 1995

Natural granite ellipse found by artist on Mendicino Coast, mounted on steel found object. 13"
"Hardwood Ellipse" 1968 Turned hardwood ellipse crafted by Guy Andrews, mounted on cast iron found object. 8"

"Birthday Stone" 1970

Granite stone from beach in Santa Cruz, CA. presented to artist as birthday present by Michael and Donnie (Ward) Glass, mounted on cast iron found object (appears to be a dog mechanism). 8"
"Granite Sphere, Base 1" 1998 Near perfect natural granite sphere found by artist on California coast north of Santa Cruz, CA, mounted on cast iron found object. 6"
"Granite Sphere, Base 2" 1998 Same stone as above on alternate base. 5"
"Granite Sphere, Base 3" 1998 Same stone as above on alternate base. 6"

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