Wood Constructions

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Polychrome wood, 22" X 14", 1969

"Point of Contention"

Stained wood, 96" X 18", 1968


Polychrome wood, 29" X 18", 1966 (unrestored)

"Small Bottle"

Machine carved hardwood, 4.5" high, 1971

"Jewelry Box" Top View

Hardwood, Redwood, Abalone inlay, apx. 10" X 6" X 3", 1979

"Jewelry Box" Interior

(gift to Katharine Jerome)

"Chromatogram Alpha" Isometric View

Electro-opto-kenetic, welded acrylic, Rosewood, electronics, 1981

"Chromatogram Alpha" Front View

Functional description: Colored LED in base at bottom of each acrylic rod, each row with different color. Electronic circuit blinks each row sequentially. Blink rate of each row is out of phase with other rows, resulting in infinite variation.

"Chromatogram Alpha" Top View

Created while employed by Dionex Corp. as a retirement gift for Paul M. Wythes, Sutter Hill Ventures; electronic circuit design and construction by Richard Sisterson

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