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3D model of Casa Vista lower level interior.

Note staircases, modeled galley kitchen and small workshop next to garage with (red) counters and white melamine cabinets.

3D model of built-in furniture for study/ office in upper level.

Structure and trim not shown. Actual countertops are Pionite "Chamomile Fiber" pattern (oak tone).

3D model of built-in cabinets with gas log fireplace in Casa Vista master suite.

Cabinets are natural oak finish. Hearth and surround are solid granite.

3D model of kiva fireplace in Casa Vista living room.

Wood burning/gas insert. Decorative mosaic tile trim on mantel and ceramic tile on hearth (not detailed).

3D model of "The Lizard" gazebo.

Proposed design to be constructed with metal lath and stucco over rebar armature. Sit-down bench inside 'mouth'.

Proposed design for iron and polychrome Plexiglas gate.

Trompe l'oeil effect achieved by use of varying shades to simulate natural lighting on 3D shapes. Gate is flat. Do you see the stylized 'Kachina'?

Conceptual design for a polished metal staircase.

Shows use of ray-tracing imaging software to create realistic reflections and shadows from light sources.

Casa Vista 3D model rear bird's eye view with proposed studio /workshop addition.

Design for 650 ft. sq. semi- detached shop with half-bath, 8x8 foot entry door & gas and electric utilities.

Model of possible interior layout of studio/workshop.

Models created of cabinets, power tools, plumbing, etc. to assist in space planning.

3D model of radial saw created for workshop above.

Models only have to be created once and then are saved for future use.

3D model of air compressor.

This level of detailing is not really required for layout planning purposes. It was done as a demonstration of modeling capabilities.

3D model of Herman Miller Ergon chair.

This model was used multiple times in the Casa Vista project interior planning.

3D model of toilet.

Modeled with this level of detail in about 30 minutes (including measurement taking). Very useful for bath design. Tubs and sinks also modeled.

3D model of Viking rangetop used in Casa Vista kitchen.

All appliances modeled with level of detail sufficient to make them understandable when looking at the entire kitchen model.

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